Play Sound does not return after an overlay is closed! Help!

  • @hamed and @murtaza, I just want you guys to know that I have partially solved the issue of play music and play sound behaviors not continuing to play back in the scene after an overlay (e.g. Pause) is loaded and then closed. I simply added a behavior on to re-trigger the "load from file" behavior which in turn controls what background music in every level must be played (using play music behavior). It is part of my global behaviors. However, adding behavior on to a play sound behavior (e.g. shooting) does not make it come back unlike in the case of play music. Please help me fix this annoying play sound behavior guys. Thanks.

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    Please see our pinned post on submitting bug reports.

  • @murtaza

    Humans talk like humans do. But if your intention is simplify things on your end, much as I disdain talking like a machine, here it goes.

    iPad Model: iPad Pro 10.5
    iOS version: 12.1
    hyperPad Version: recent beta
    Description: play sound behavior does not work after an overlay such as a pause overlay is loaded and closed
    Steps to reproduce: make a scene, add a character, add a shoot button, add a play music behavior to play background music on the scene, add a while touching behavior to the shoot button and underneath a play sound behavior using a shooting sound, add a play music behavior to the pause menu, play the scene, tap the shoot button, then load up the overlay pause menu, close it, then check if the play sound behavior still works.
    Additional info: i partially solved it by adding a behavior on code bloack beside the close overlay code block. While the play music behavior works by restarting after the overlay is closed, the play sound behavior does not.

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    Thanks. This helps us focus on the important information right away with out sorting through a discussion

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    We believe the issue has been found. We'll be submitting a new beta tomorrow (would do it today, but the apple submission portal is closed for the holidays)

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