Let's get some activity going!

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    The forum and the hub seem to have died down. Let's get some activity going again! What can we do to get everyone coming back and sharing?

    Have any ideas? Over the course of the next few updates we want to focus on more community features, the new hub will be a big part of this, and will only be the beginning. But We'd really like your input too.

    We're also going to start doing more community challenges and contests again. I've already picked up some prizes. Just need to find the right timing and themes ;)

  • Rewarding users for sharing their projects, being active, getting positive feedbacks. Could be done through gaining badges, having cool profile effects, etc. Possibly a login streak reward too, but that might be a bit too excessive.

    Another idea is total likes milestones, giving incentive for users to put out good quality projects which will gain likes rather than dislikes.

    And perhaps you don't gain any like milestone progress if your project gets more dislikes than likes after a few days, to stop people from spamming bad projects just to get 1-2 likes from the 10 dislikes they receive.

    Maybe after you reach 100-200 total likes milestone, you get some cool reward. (If you're going to give iTunes, PayPal would be better 😉)

    Another idea, if you're going to dislike a project, you are required to give feedback on why you didn't like it. This is to stop people from spam disliking your projects for no reason, without telling you why.

    This might be good to have an optional anonymous feature, to prevent people from hating you for disliking their project (assuming you give genuine constructive feedback)

    And finally, work as hard as you can to get updates faster. I assume there are definitely activity spikes when a new update is released.

  • What Kamdroid said about some profile system would be cool. Maybe something to show off what users are well known for or their achievements or something.

    Allow copying objects across projects, this might cause a bunch of us to upload some small projects with objects with preset codes in them for other people to use in their projects (similar to how people share their code online).

    More challenged would be cool look forward to that.

    Personally I've been inactive with project making because of a combination of uni and losing motivation to work on my project (I'm pretty sure most programmers have this problem) and I won't allow myself to start new projects because I'm worried I'd just abandon the other one completely.

    Could do some advertising get more people into hyperPad?

    Updates faster would be good as Kamdroid suggested but this would only be posssible if the updates themselves were smaller. I don't think updates should be too much smaller but hopefully no more updates will take as long as the last one (there were 7 months between 1.23 and the current version 1.24).

  • Also just another sudden thought: the only people that play our projects on hyperPad are other hyperPad users, other programmers.
    Unless the projects made in hyperPad get to the App Store, which is quite rare at the moment.

  • Personally, sometimes I feel I should just stop wasting my time needing to do workarounds of missing features, and not work on anything until the core features I need are released.

    These are primarily:

    • prefab system (+ community prefabs)
    • proper functions system with defined parameters and return values
    • UI features + scrolling
    • Still need way more dynamic features for advanced users
    • Behaviour searching in your project, find broadcast keys used, etc

    I understand more frequent updates cause less people to update, but considering the current inactive community, I think it'll be a very worthwhile trade-off.

  • Selling packs for hyper coins, you can make your own packs and sell them for hyper coins, what you buy with them, you can use them in your own games.

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    Great suggestions guys! We're actually working on a lot of this stuff. But how about some things we can do that doesn't require waiting on an update? :)

    • the reward/badge system is actually part of the new hub. We've got a few ideas for some badges, but happy to take suggestions for other ways to earn them.
    • Leaving feedback on a project is also part of the new hub. When you finish playing a project you're immediately prompted asking if you like it or not. Depending on your choice you are then prompted with a feedback field telling the person why or why not.
    • The hub is also more like the new app store where there are featured posts. Whether they're article, or peoples projects. Basically an incentive to keep people coming back to see what's new.
    • Additionally the new hub will simplify the submission process. This will hopefully get people to submit more. So we will be lifting some of the restrictions that people find intimidating. Making it more welcoming for smaller tests and simple projects.
    • Prefabs are coming! We've had a small breakthrough on how we can do it with out changing everything. It is currently planned after the hub. So with prefabs, you can share "objects" to other projects or people.
    • Functions are currently planned after our "lighting" launch. But may be moved before that.
    • Letting users sell content is what we're working towards. It's still a little ways off. But the idea is to have a shop with you guys selling templates, prefabs, and assets.

  • I can't think of much that wouldn't require waiting for updates other than putting some advertisements out or starting a new challenge soon.

    I don't know how viable this is, but what if you advertised hyperPad not only for people to make games on but for people who don't make games themselves to come and look at new games? Like another App Store, with overall less quality games though but they're all free and they can potentially have more input. This would definitely need some sort of better filtering system where people can find the good games even if they're really old (as long as they still actually work after all the hyperPad updates), not just the relatively new games that appear in new/hot section.

  • Definitely would be cool to also market towards regular people who want to play some free "indie" games.

  • @Aidan-Oxley Yeah I thought of that too. I have project’s teammates that can not test the game because it was very hard to understand when I told them in the past and now hyperPad has become a paid App, decision that I absolutely agreed with because it gives so much possibilities to us now, the programmer and developper. So maybe like a free app that is available for iPad and iPhone and maybe Mac where you can play the games directly from the hyperPad hub, it would be amazing. But I don’t know how it could be done. It could help my teammates to better understand what is the game we are making ( from the beginning, I always show them videos of the games we are making ).

  • I think hyperPad already made a stand-alone player, but they haven't released it yet.

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    Marketing as a place to play indie games is an interesting idea. Maybe something we can do specifically for the player app.

    And @Kamdroid is right, we did make a stand alone player, just never released it. There were a few bugs holding it back and it was such low priority because hyperPad has always been free any ways. But now that we're a paid app the player app is much more important so we're going to get it out shortly.
    Doing an ios13 bug fix update, and then shortly afterwards we'll have the dedicated player ready.

  • Yes! A stand-alone player will be useful! I want other people to see the capabilities of hyperPad, without having them to pay.

  • Game jams

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    Thats what the first post was hinting at. Contests and challenges, or also known as Game jams :)

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