Scene/Global UI positioning glitched on iPad Pro

  • iPad Model: iPad Pro 11-inch (bug may effect other iPad Pro models(
    iOS version: 13.2.3
    hyperPad Version: 1.25
    Any objects placed on the UI or Global Layer will have the position glitched (offset position). The grid view is also displayed incorrectly on the UI and Global Layer, as compared to any other normal layer.

    Steps to reproduce:
    Create a project on an iPad Pro 11-inch and place an object in the scene or global UI layer. Enter play mode and you'll see the positioning is incorrectly different from how it is on editor mode.

    I also noticed switching on and off the iPad Pro aspect ratio in editor may further cause a different glitched offset position on objects in the UI/Global layer.

    Additional info:


    Grid on main layer (correct):
    Grid on UI layer (incorrect)

    Switching project's target aspect ratio to a different one and then back to regular iPad aspect, will persist a glitched hyperPad menu button position on the editor; play mode is not effected by this.

  • Admin

    Thanks for the excellent bug report. Thought we fixed this before

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