Im still patiently waiting

  • Im still patiently waiting for native lighting to come to hyperpad. Hopefully soon.

  • Just wanted to bump this post because I’m getting ready to dive back in full time on creating my game with hyperpad. Just wanted to see the status of native lightning or any other new features. It’s almost 2022. I think it’s time for lighting =)

  • @SplitMindGaming Hi! While there is no native lighting on hyperPad as of yet (soon though) you can still add your own dynamic lighting! Check out this tutorial on our YouTube Channel: Hope this helps.

  • @Jonathan2000 yeah its a clever workaround but its just not the same. It doesnt cast any shadows and looks very generic compared to what a real lighting can do. I only revived this post because I think its going on to be about 3 years now in the working for native lighting. I think its a fair feature to be asking for giving the length of time that had passed. Would be nice if we can get an exact timeframe and eta on when to expect this feature other then the word soon.

  • Admin

    Unfortunately I can't give an exact time.

    And believe me I'm upset about it taking so long as well. We've actually had the majority of the lighting feature completed, but due to some changes behind the scene it basically needs to be updated before it even releases.

    I know you're frustrated. And so am I. We've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in wages to pay for this feature only to have the majority of the work scrapped.

    There are 2 major features that are in limbo. One is the new hub, and the other is lighting. What will most likely happen is the hub will be completed before the lighting. I'm hoping these will be something for 2022.

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