Dynamic Input to all behaviours

  • Could you please add dynamic inputs to almost all applicable behaviours? e.g. Load scene by name from a label, Set Graphic by its file name from a label etc.

    Would allow for more dynamicness.

  • @Kamdroid Yes. Things like move to object by name! Rather than collided with someTag move to object someTag.

  • @Kamdroid this would also be great for games that are procedurally generated or store the levels as arrays, etc. so we don't need to use a ton of 'if behaviours' to convert the id of a tile to a graphic.

    I'd also like to be able to download graphics with http requests and use them with set graphics, so we can use user created content and mods.

  • Admin

    Yeah this is something we've wanted to add for a while. It's just taken some time fo find the best way to implement it.

    Ie. keeping it the visual method, but have the option to enter an object by name. As well as handling situations where the usr accidentally deletes a character etc.

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