What is even going on?!

  • HyperPad is an ABSOLUTE MESS in its current state! I can’t click on things in the main menu of one of my games (Although I have the Started Touching Code perfectly so it shouldn’t do this.) and the sound won’t work in my other game! And even worse, in the game with the now “Broken Menu”, in the actual gameplay itself I’m having this CONSTANT audio stutter then eventually the app crashes while I’m testing the game! FIX. THIS. DEVELOPERS. That’s all I’m asking!

  • Admin

    Can you see the rules for this section and post a proper bug report so we can track the issues and fix them?


    The not touching issue sounds like a logic issue on your end, this is why we suggest you creating a simplified project that sees if it’s a bug in hyperpad or a bug in how you’ve set up your behaviours.

  • Perhaps audio stutter could be hyperPad's fault, but something not triggering (e.g. object touched) is very often the user's fault and it's easy to give up and blame HyperPad.

    Where the logic is not triggering, add a clear message to indicate the behaviour has been triggered. If that doesn't show, reselect the object.

    If you still can't fix the issue, we can't help unless you give us your project and maybe I can find the issue,

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