This app crashes way too often... :/

  • I swear, don’t you ever get that feeling of frustration when you’re just trying to test your game and then the simplest things just automatically close the app? That’s happening to me ALOT with Ultimate SonicKid7 Night, I press play to just play it normally and then when SonicKid7 shows up to add a character, after he finishes his song, HyperPad just crashes. It’s infuriating because not only does it make the game unplayable, it’s also preventing any further testing of mechanics. We’ll see if they fix it in the next update but for now, Ultimate SonicKid7 Night is put on hold. Sorry everyone.

  • @sonickid7 It depends on how efficiently you make the game. When you use hyperPad after a while you might learn what is laggy and what is not and how to make a game run faster. I definitely did that, completely remade one of my old games, the game is basically the same but it runs so much smoother.
    Also, what iPad are you using? If you can give me a link (by posting here or direct message me) to your project I MIGHT be able to give some efficiency tips for that particular project.
    EDIT: What I've said here is more for if your game is also being kind of laggy (FPS below 60) and there are lots of things making it crash. If your game is always crashing when you do a certain thing, then it might be easier to fix.

  • If you want to try solve this, provide a download to your project and specify where the behaviours run before the crash.

  • How do I provide a download? Do you mean “Post it to the hub?”

  • Admin

    Often times the crashes are a result of how your behaviours are connected. Since hyperpad gives you a lot of power to create, it can even give you the power to cause a crash if you’re not careful.

    If you share the project here as suffice can see what’s going on.

    To do that press the ... icon on the project, then select email download link. That will open an email, copy the link and paste it here.

  • I can’t because apparently, “I don’t have any mail accounts on the device.” So here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m going to finish the project (If I can.) Then post it on the Hub. Then you can branch it and help fix the issue with all the crashing. Thanks for the support so far btw.

  • @sonickid7 Does "Email download link" option actually not work? Maybe you need to see if your email is working because all you need to do is copy the link you get from the email that your iPad starts trying to send to someone and paste it here on the forum.

  • Been having the same problems 😬
    and I found it that the crashes are due to my global objects, either it's too many objects or it's the way the behaviors are connected as Hamed suggested.

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