Thanks for this app

  • I haven't touched hyperpad in a long time but I got an email about the most recent update and it reminded me. I just wanted to come by and say thank you to the hyperpad devs and community because in a couple of weeks I'm leaving for college to study computer science and I probably would never have been interested in programming if not for this app. I'm glad to see that the community is still active. @Murtaza @Hamed

  • Admin

    That's awesome to hear! This is the kind of stuff we love hearing and why we work so hard on hyperPad!

    Good luck in school, hopefully you can find some time to check out all that's changed with hyperPad too ;)

  • @DomiNation Wow, same here. Hyperpad got me interested in coding in the 1st place. Now I know VB, Swift, and I'm learning Python. :)

  • Same here - when I was really young, I found GamePress, and it really sparked my interest in programming, even more when hyperPad came out. C# is my main and favourite programming language now.

  • ;) You're not alone. I'm now taking two coding classes in high school.

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