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  • Can someone provide specific step by step hoe to drag and drop an object? Like have user drag object across screen and drop object to a certain area on screen and then play a sound once object has been dropped into area. I need detailed explanation as I am a beginner

  • There is a drag and drop behavior, in the behavior you can select whatever object you want the user to drag and drop. There's also collision behaviors which can connect to a play sound behavior. When an object collides with an invisible box, it can play a sound effect. Your target object can be a physical object or wall object. You could have a ball that could be thrown into a hoop (physical) or you could have a puzzle piece dragged into a set. (wall)

    It's best if you try it yourself first. Place an empty object in the scene by tapping the flask / potion icon on the bottom right corner of the project editor and press Empty Object.

    Try manipulating the empty object so when something touches it, it plays a sound effect. The app is designed to be learned by experimentation. If you really need some help, you can refer to the Help section.

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    For this example:

    • The ball is set to be a physical object, it can be dragged anywhere on the screen.
    • When the ball collides with a green box, it plays a sound.

  • @RobinsonX thanks a ton! I can build from here. Appreciate the help

  • @RobinsonX how do you set the ball to be a physical object? And how would you make the object return to starting position if it was not dropped on the collision point?

  • On the scene editor, you can click on an object and edit it's properties. Click on the rocket icon to make it a physical object.

  • @Applegdy There's a behavior called Move to Point, it moves an object to the exact same coordinates you specify.

    You can activate a timer after the ball has been thrown and once that timer runs out, it can activate the move to point behavior.

    Stopped touching (ball)
    Wait (as long as needed)
    Move to Point (move ball back to original position)
    when ball Collided with goal:
    Behavior off (turn off timer)
    Play sound

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    Here you go, much easier to visualize it

  • @Applegdy You can also add in custom events like when the ball hasn't made it in the goal in time, it can show a game over screen.

  • @RobinsonX thank you I will try. I have copied what you said at first but when my object collides there is no sound played. I copied as you put in first diagram

  • @RobinsonX I see the problem. I am using font for object. Is there no way to do this for font?

  • There's always a way to do something, even if it's not a feature.

    You can have an empty object and the text can follow the empty object.

  • @Applegdy I thought there was a physical toggle for text, but maybe it got changed.

  • Admin

    You can use the Make Physics behaviour to make font have physics:

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