1.26 Beta

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    We know some of you are waiting for some bug fixes, instead of waiting longer for the official release, we've launched a beta so you can get access to the bug fixes now.

    If you're experiencing any issues, please post them as new bugs in the bug reports section and make sure to follow the submission guidelines.

    You can get the beta by joining here

    Before updating, make sure you back up your projects!!!!


    • Share to facebook/Twitter behaviours has to been replaced with native sharing

    Fixed Bugs:

    • When importing images from camera roll, they are all called "image" so it makes importing multiple images difficult
    • Older iOS devices show tab bar overlap
    • When dismissing the app when keyboard is open, it crashes
    • Scene/Global positioning broken on iPad Pro 11"
    • On load next scene behaviour, the properties says "Select Level" instead of scene
    • Overlays are misaligned
    • Default value for load value is not correct
    • Cant destroy objects after loading an overlay
    • When adding something from special objects the list is black when ipad is in dark mode
    • Get array from a json string does not work
    • Crashing if a box container is storing a input field incorrectly
    • Get Array value custom index says get value at 0
    • Dropbox thumbnails not loading
    • Wrap around screen doesn't seem work with relative positioning and sizing
    • Collisions don't work with comments
    • Searching Gravity behaviours finds two
    • Array behaviour doesn't work properly in spawned objects

  • @Murtaza the wrap around screen with relative positioning doesn’t disappear anymore, but it still mis aligns on an iPad Pro screen. You can test this out with the same project I emailed you guys with. You will notice the top object aligns only on a 4.3 screen but not on an iPad Pro screen. Pretty much the same exact effect it has without relative position turned on.

  • This actually just seems to be a bug with how iPad Pro positions the graphics in general. @Aidan-Oxley you can confirm this with your background wrap project. Open up your project and switch to iPad Pro. You will notice all the images are spaced out. You probably have a better way of explaining what is going on.

  • @SplitMindGaming That's not a bug with hyperPad with the black spaces in my custom wrap project. That's a bug in the way I made it work. The images are the exact size of my iPad screen (normal iPad Air, ratio 4:3). When you change to anything other, they get moved into places they shouldn't be in (since they all position themselves with relative coordinates). I think I know how to fix it properly, and I also know a quick fix: change all of the background objects to absolute coordinates, but leave their behaviours the same (they will keep using relative coordinates in the behaviours). You shouldn't need to worry about the background objects using absolute coordinates because they take up so much space there's no way a device exists with a screen big enough to still see outside the range they cover.

  • @Aidan-Oxley your talking about this right?F1C54B70-D685-40AC-A6C1-30C4B90E2A57.png 8B1E3E0D-D1B8-415E-B251-2AA1F7EEC63A.png

  • @SplitMindGaming because according to apple your project now has to both work with the regular iPad and iPad Pro. Now although it works. There’s an obvious screen rendering issue where the objects are not being aligned where it should be. This scales up and down with other screen sizes properly. It’s only like this with the iPad Pro.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I was so confident it would work, and somehow it doesn't. I still know there's something wrong with the way I programmed it though. Because of the image sizes it only works for screens with the same size I think. I think I can fix it though.

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    I’ll let @Hamed know!


  • @Murtaza has there been changes made to the beta? If so do i have to redownload it from testflight or does it automatically update. Not sure how this works.

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    @SplitMindGaming no changes yet. I believe you get a notification in the TestFlight app.

    @Hamed sas hoping to have a new beta out by now, but one of our employees got sick so he’s working overtime trying to cover his work.

  • @Murtaza i see. Hope he gets better.

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    Pushed up a new build. Likely one more build after this and then we will push to the app store... so post about any bugs you want fixed!

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    Pushed up another build. We have a bunch more goals that we added for this update so might take a little bit longer than intended. Please test!

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