RobinsonX (Game ChangeLogs)

  • :) For some odd reason, my Survivalist project keeps crashing upon playing it, I'll try to find the cause of it... (I've messed around with the new behaviors which is probably why..)

    And if you were wondering, Survivalist is going into a full overhaul! I found out a way to create a color picker that selects a custom color using the RGB system itself.

    And now that we have object referencing, why not have the player model go in a full makeover? Blinking eyes, moving legs, animations & possibly emotes? (gotta love the new update!)

    Could possibly implement weekly seasonal events, where users can earn special rewards and outfits. ;)

    Don't want to make this too long, so concluding the rest: functioning game matches, realtime multiplayer (if I manage to find a server), new weapons, map overhaul, and possibly custom gamemodes)

    I was bored, so in the meantime, I worked on a new game. Sound is working good! ๐Ÿ‘Œ (Not sure if I'm going to publish it to the Hub soon..)
    And Object referencing makes enemies SO MUCH EASIER to work with! :D

  • Still learning how to use the new behaviors in relation to other behaviors... But wow...

    The player models have been in a full makeover, and the models can be duplicated since Object Referencing is a thing in spawned objects! Awesome!

    30 animating models, 60 fps, with over 300 objects...

    Oh, and the project itself is being remade, so a brand new project will be released instead of an update.

  • Haven't been active a lot... 0_1545772783224_699E343D-737F-4664-9320-F430B8467A68.png image url)

    It's because I'm finally implementing real time multiplayer. I got the server to connect successfully! But the issue is that the Socket Event behavior doesn't seem to work... Yet, Emit To Socket works, tested the behaviors.

    If anyone knows how to use these networking behaviors, feel free to leave a suggestion here. :)

    Still awaiting for a tutorial for this. :3

  • If you guys want to test the project in it's current state, here it is! :D Test.tap

  • Oh wait.... The server works much more differently than I thought. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Still attempting to make a real-time multiplayer game.

  • Admin

    Awesome work! Really impressive what you've been able to pull off!

  • Watched some YouTube tutorials and basics, did a little bit of web searching and harnessed the power of HTTP Requests.

    These are the files which will soon contain all the user-generated data on BotPixel Games. Meaning that all your data is safe on our servers and can be accessed on other devices. :D

    Opens up a lot of possibilities, stayed tuned for following updates coming soon in the next few weeks!

  • 0_1546568894048_DAFE6604-BEA5-432C-93CA-B389DA0AAFAC.png

    While testing my game, I accidentally ran into somebody being in the game! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  • Hi, can you also do local wifi hotspot multiplayer mode for this? I really hope it is possible to do local multiplayer games in hyperpad similar to what you can play in nintendo switch especially in the context of classroom based educational games where I can see hyperpad thriving in the hands of 21st century teachers. Thanks for your response in advance sir.

  • Local hotspot...? Like hosting via device? I mean, it kinda already does that.

    When you join the server, it sees if there are any available servers available. If there is a server available (a player hosting or playing), it will automatically force the user to join it. Otherwise, it will create a server and wake the server up.

    This is why it takes a while to connect to the server when nobody else was online for a while. :3

    Unless you meant hosting a game on your device, I can do that. I would call these "rooms" and every user can only create and host 1 room. There can be a password on your room so only people who know the password can join.

  • Local hotspot, only lets you join others connected to the same wifi, connection is not via a server so that local wifi multiplayer would still work even if the network isn't even connected to the internet. As far as I know, hyperPad only lets you connect to servers, and does not have local wifi/hotspot/Bluetooth multiplayer.

  • Oh, you mean that...
    Yeah, it's not possible... (yet?)

  • @robinsonx Think of like a 3DS.

    Hey, a new feature suggestion!


  • Oh my gosh, my mind is blown by how much I can learn from this... ๐Ÿ˜จ

    The HTTP Request behavior will be a game changer. I can fix all the glitches with the <null> accounts in my game, learned how to create new urls... This stuff can get very dynamic, I don't have to keep using the same urls.

    This means that I can actually manage storage in a way that each account has it's own pathway and identification rather than sharing the same pathway with one another. This fixes many of the weird <null> bugs players can see in-game.

    To sum it all up, game is getting an another maintence update that will fix many bugs and open up a huge variety of possibilities. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  • Custom Avatars are coming!


  • This is what our BotPixel servers look like right now. (We use Google Firebase to store content online)

    2_1547744561818_96630217-DABD-47FA-B93E-C48116CFD4C2.jpeg 1_1547744561808_78C2C1A0-343E-40A9-ABC9-70FAAF64B0F6.jpeg 0_1547744561808_E2B9ADF4-D8C2-4B33-AB71-B12DF632D6DC.jpeg

    You can already see awesome new features that are coming along. :)

    Once we release a new update, content will be flooding like crazy. Don't worry, none of this costs any money. ;)

  • Unfortunately, the accounts of existing users would have to be cleared out because the servers are going to be using a new format and structure. (This is to fix the <null> bugs you would usually see on anyone's profile.)

  • The server of BotPixel Games has been moved, so the project is not playable until an update fixes it.

    And here's an another peice of cake from the update:
    ยป Every player will have their own ID key. Even if they change their username and password, they will still be the same player they are.

    This is so the servers can track which player is who, and so your data is not affected.

  • 0_1548785106198_CD78E060-0628-4F4C-98AA-78D5615D021C.jpeg

    I'm fixing up the UI, will finally apply some UI settings very soon.

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