1.26 Beta

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    We're aiming to push out a new beta on Sunday.
    Includes some really cool new features. Render to texture, shaders, and more!

  • WHAT?!? ALREADY?!?

    Am I dreaming..? 😱

  • @Murtaza Render to texture sounds cool, would this be creating a single texture out of multiple game objects?

  • @Murtaza still would be nice for some basic features to be added. Such as, string manipulation behaviours (if contains, split text, regular expressions)

    Also an "evaluate equation" behaviour to dynamically do equations (e.g. 5 + 5 * 2)

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    @RobinsonX yes. How it works is you create a “render texture” behaviour. And a draw behaviour where you can draw primitive shapes or stamp an image from a load image behaviour. Then there is an option to choose from a list of effects (shaders)

    Render texture can also be chained with other render textures so you can cascade effects

    @Kamdroid yes. We can add string manipulation behaviours not in this beta but the next one sure.

  • Im waiting for this update also as mine says expired as well. Do we need to re enroll for the beta? Because the app disappeared under my test pilot.

  • @SplitMindGaming I’m waiting too, I guess they will probably send a new link for it

  • I just read that the beta was going to be pushed Sunday. Is there a new link we need to download?

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    Hello friends new beta should be up

  • @Hamed was there any changes made to the “Get Graphic Flip’ and “Set Graphic Flip”? I notice my game mechanics are slightly broken with this new update. My player is no longer flipping to the correct orientation as it was with the previous build.

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    @SplitMindGaming we didn't change anything with set Flip, but we did make changes to Animate behaviour. Could that be it?

  • @Hamed hmmm i think it has something to do with the screen touch mechanics. Because i thought it was just the character flip but i notice that certain actions wouldnt play correctly. It played perfect with the last build. I will send you the project to your email.

  • @Hamed can you confirm if "set input field" behaviour exists in the new beta (or was it renamed)? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

  • @Kamdroid 7CB95374-572F-4FA3-973D-62938D0809A7.png

    It's not in the behavior list, you press on the green icon next to input fields in behaviors. (In fact, this has been a thing for a long time 😅 probably since the release of hyperPad..)

    When you create a change input field, you are given a behavior that changes the inputs of another behavior that you were manipulating.

  • @RobinsonX thanks. In the past I've always just used get and set attributes, I had no idea

  • @Murtaza @Hamed I sent you an email a few days ago, but if you didn't get it:

    Can you make a TestFlight version which is just the stable version of hyperPad with the bug fix for iPad Pro UI/global layer positioning bug (so people without beta can play my projects)

    That's the only reason I'm stuck using the beta, but it means I can't release or update any projects since most people don't use the beta.

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    @Kamdroid No because there are still some experimental things that some of the key fixes depend on. Unfortunately, needs to be part of the same build :(

  • Really sad. Hope you can release an update soon. I think I've been waiting like 6 months 🙁

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    @Kamdroid said in 1.26 Beta:

    Really sad. Hope you can release an update soon. I think I've been waiting like 6 months 🙁

    Yeah this update has taken a long time. Unfortunately COVID really slowed us down as we had to find how to adapt and change development strategies.

  • @Kamdroid I had a look through your project and I think I found what the issue is. I noticed that there is the stop touching behaviours to subtract from the Box container left/right but also the stop touching behaviour for objects with the tag "main controls". I think what is happening is that the stopped touching behaviour for the main controls is activating first. This then executes the "check if pressing both buttons". As a result, this is happening before the values in the box container left/right have been subtracted from. Try putting the execute "check if pressing both buttons" in the stopped touching events after you subtract the values as shown in the screenshot attached. This should fix the flip issue (This is in the game logic in The Caves - Door). I think in general the order of the execution of stop touching events is ambiguous which is something to look out for when using values from one event in the other. Let me know if you have any questions! Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 10.15.37 AM.png

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